How to Block Ads in Gmail Inbox

Currently, Google has launched the ads directly into the new Gmail Inbox.

These ads are very tricky because they are mixed with your inbox and look like a regular email.

The Promotions tab contains emails from places like department stores and other marketers that you have signed up for.

In the Gmail Inbox, there are two types of ads: a kind of that link out taking you away from your inbox and a kind ads that will expand in your inbox when you click.

You regularly use gmail, so having them inside of your inbox can be quite annoying, below’s how you can get rid of them

How To Stop Gmail From Stuffing Ads Into Your Inbox

Way 1

In the Gmail Inbox, if you see an ad in the promotions tab, click or tap the X on an ad to make it go away.

But this will only dismiss the ad until you open a new session. So please follow ways below.

Way 2: Turn off the feature entirely

Step 1: Sign in to gmail, in the top right, click the gear icon ⚙and thenConfigure inbox.










Step 2: Select “configure inbox” and disable the “Promotions” option.

As such, disabling this feature will spare you from the ads.


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